Refrigerator MAPP Gas 3600 Cylinder (400g)


  • Mapp Is Colorless In Both Liquid And Gas From.
  • The Gas Has a Pronounced Acetylene-Like Or Fishy Odor At Concentration Above 100 Ppm,
  • Due To The Addition of Substitute Amines As a Polymerization Inhibitor.
  • Low Molecular Weight alkynes Have a Strong Odors.
  • Mapp Gas Is Toxic If inhaled At High Concentration.
  • Premium torch fuel faster heat transfer than propane.
  • Use with BrazePro GTR-77 professional hand torch, Aweld or Sun eye torch.
  • Do not refill canister or throw into fire.
  • Highly combustible gas. Maximum temperature rating 3600°F.
  • Metal annealing, hardening, brazing and other metal crafts use requiring heating.
  • Wood burning pyrography. BBQ kitchen, garden use, air condition and copper water piping installation.
  • Metal smelting in DIY insulated kiln.
  • Note: Do not drop or puncture pressurised gas canister .
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1. Check cylinder and torch seals, Never use with damaged or missing seals.Discard cylinder if dirl or rust particles are in valve area.

2. Turn off torch.

3. Hold cylinder upright while attaching torch.

4. Attach cylinder outdoors away from pilot lights, flames, sparks, and other ignition sources. They can ignite leaking gas.

5. Hand tighten only. Never use tools to tighten. Over-

tightening can damage seals.

6. Check for leaks. Put soapy water on connections. Look for Bubbles. Listen for hiss of escaping gas. Feel for extreme cold. Smell for rotten egg odor. Do not use if leaking.

7. Read and follow torch instruction.


*burning temperature:approach to 3600°F

* The full burning time for one full bottle:nearly 2 hours and 40 mins

* Scientific gas mix and high flame temperature, utmost burning performance and guaranteed short working times.

* Increased user safety through improved catridge valve.

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